Thursday, December 15, 2016

Farewell for the 2016-2017 school year

This fall semester, a group of twelve students, ten sophomores and two juniors, were placed into the Online Communications course.  At first, the students did not know what to expect in this class.  After figuring out what they would be doing, they soon realized this class differed from other elective courses. Here are the roles the students played throughout the fall semester while participating in Burton's Blog.

Sophomore Austin Q., and Junior Michael M., had the pleasure of  being technical assistants who would fix any technical difficulties that occurred. Sophomores Makayla M., and Tiffany A., and Junior Tori F., had the honor of being advertisers that would come up with new ideas each week to advertise the blog. Sophomores Paloma B., and Kim H., managed the blog's appearance by fixing any highlighting errors and the updating its appearance. Sophomore Haley Q., took on the role of being the photographer for the blog, taking any photos that were needed. Sophomores Alex C., Megan D., and Haley H. took on the role of editing the students' articles before they were sent to Mrs. Bias for final review and publication.

All the students that were in the fall semester of Online Communications have enjoyed being in this class and contributing to the blog. Makayla M. said, "This class has created friendships that will last a lifetime." Haley Q agreed, saying, "This class has made many memories, and we all will certainly miss being part of the blog." Every student agrees that this class has helped them gain confidence and become more engaged in what is happening around the school. It has also improved all of our writing skills.

The 2016 fall semester blog students wants to wish all the new comers good luck and hope they can keep the the blog as interesting as we have. We all suggest if anyone enjoys writing and being creative to join the Online Communications class. The students in this class have learned the true meaning of teamwork and because of that we have bonded as a whole. 

Written by: Tori F. and Austin Q.

"My Life Next Door:" "A boy. A secret. A summer."

"My Life Next Door" by Huntley Fitzpatrick is a novel full of friendship, family, and romance.  Samantha Reed's family is as perfect as it can be without her father, who left them before she was born.  The Garretts are the polar opposites of the Reeds:  unorganized, obnoxious, and caring.

For the past ten years, ever since the Garretts moved in next door to them, Samantha's mother has looked down on the Garretts, calling them indecent.  Samantha has always watched the Garretts, yearning to be one of them.  Then everything changes the night Jase meets Samantha, after climbing up to her roof.  The Garretts welcome Samantha with open arms, while her own family and friends know nothing of her and Jase's relationship.  When the unimaginable happens and Samantha's world comes crashing down, she is faced with an undecidable decisions.

Will she ever tell her family and friends? Will Samantha be able to stay true to one she loves, without misleading another?  This book is available in the John I. Burton library.

Written by: Haley H.

Adios, Senora Beauchamp!

Sadly, John I. Burton's Spanish teacher of eight years will be leaving this chapter of her life behind.  This December, will be her last month of employment with Norton City Schools.  When this semester ends, she and her husband will be leaving Norton City. They will be moving to Hartford, Virginia as he was offered another position regarding his work.

Mrs. Beauchamp will be continuing to  teach Spanish but it will be at Chesapeake Public Schools.  The school she is transferring to contains 1,300 students, eight foreign language teachers, and a variety of foreign language courses.  She admits that she will miss teaching and coaching at Burton, along with the community and the scenery.  Her favorite part of teaching at a small school is knowing the names of everyone in the school system.

The students and faculty will dearly miss Mrs. Beauchamp.  Everyone at Burton believes that she will succeed at her new school and community.  As she turns the page to begin her next journey, students and teachers wish her the best of luck.   ¡Buena suerte, seƱora!

Written by: Megan D., Alex C., and Paloma B.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

"Pasadena:" The truth behind Maggie's death

It is the summer before senior year and Jude is trying to enjoy some time with her cousins who live on the east coast. Jude has lived in Pasadena, California since her mother and father separated. One day, not long after arriving at her cousins, she gets a phone call. The heartbreaking call reveals that her best friend, Maggie, is dead.

Jude and Maggie had been best friends for years. They told each other everything, even their deepest secrets, or that's what Jude believed anyways. After getting the news of Maggie's death, Jude immediately repacks her belongings and gets on a plane to go back to Pasadena. When she arrives, she finds out that Maggie drowned in her family swimming pool and had traces of drugs in her system the night she died. Maggie's friends and family all think that it was an accident or suicide but Jude does not think so. She thinks that Maggie was killed and is determined to find out who committed the crime.

Was Jude right about Maggie being murdered? Does she ever find out who did it or does she realize that it was never a murder in the first place? To find out, check out the book "Pasadena" written by Sherri L. Smith from the John I. Burton library!

Written by: Tiffany A.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Merry Christmas from the National Honor Society

On  December 22, Mrs. Poteet and the National Honor Society will be going to Heritage Hall for their fall project. Each student has adopted a member of the nursing home and will buy them one or more Christmas presents. The student will purchase gifts for their angel with their own personal funds. Students will present their gifts and cater to members of the nursing home at their annual Christmas party.

The nursing home adoption is a great opportunity for the National Honor Society students to understand the meaning of Christmas. Vice President, Mazzy T., stated "I hope that we realize how much more it is to give than to receive this Christmas."  Senior, Torie A., says that she hope that the students learn to appreciate what they have and never take anything for granted. Today's youth frequently wish for gaming systems and smartphones, while members of the nursing home wish for necessities, such as lotion and socks. Nowadays, young men and women do not always realize that they are very privileged.

This year is Mrs. Poteet's second year as adviser of National Honor Society. She thinks that it is important to have a group of students to represent John I. Burton in a positive manner. This is also the second year the students have visited Heritage Hall at Christmas time. Students may be a member of the National Honor Society during their junior and senior year.  To be a part of the National Honor Society, students must have at least a 3.5 grade point average, compose a personal narrative essay. obtain one or more teacher recommendations, and complete the application provided by Mrs. Poteet. Students are encouraged to join so that they may become a positive influence in the community.

Written by: Alex C. and Haley H.

Saying our goodbyes to Dr. Perrigan

On November 22, 2016 students and teachers at Burton were informed that  Dr. Keith Perrigan would be resigning as Norton City Schools' superintendent. On January 1, he will be occupying the superintendent position at Bristol schools. His last day working at Norton will be December 31st.

Dr. Perrigan said, "I am originally from Bristol and my entire family lives in that area. This was a very difficult decision to make but family always has to come first." He also says he will miss the people that he has met in this area. Perrigan stated that the students, staff, and community are the best he has ever worked with. He will miss watching the students learn and grow the most. Dr. Perrigan enjoyed working in Norton, and working with the students was his favorite part of his job. He hopes to take some ideas from Norton with him to Bristol, including how Norton uses Twitter to get information out to the students and the use of project based learning.

Our new superintendent will be Mrs. Gina Wohlford, currently the principal of NEMS. Dr. Perrigan would like to give Mrs. Gina some words of wisdom: "Always ask yourself what is best for the kids." He hopes Norton remembers him as a superintendent who always made the students his first priority. Here are some words or wisdom for the students: " You are getting a top notch education in Norton, use what you learn to solve tomorrow's problems by creating new and innovative solutions. Finally, Dr. Perrigan stated, "
I loved working in Norton. It has been one of my most valuable professional experiences."

Written by: Makayla M.

Taking education to a new level: Topographic sandbox

On Friday December 2, three guest speakers from NASA Development came to visit John I. Burton's science department.  The guest speakers came to Mrs. Scott's 8th grade physical science class to discuss topographic maps.  The speakers, Micheal Brooke, Christine Stevens, and Aubrey Hilte, brought an augmented-reality sandbox for a hands-on learning experience.  The sandbox allowed the class to create bodies of water and any form of elevation.  This allows the users of the sandbox to have an overview of a created region.

The machine uses 3D visualization applications to project elevation lines on a regular sandbox.  The sandbox was not the only tool used in that lecture.  The visitors also brought authentic topographic maps as well as a PowerPoint.

Ms. Scott hopes that the session taught her students how to use/read topographic maps.   She states, "I hope this experience encourages them to read topographic maps properly.  This was a good learning experience for them."

Written by: Tiffany A. and Paloma B.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A WattPad series

 If you have not read the book review for Expiration date I recommend reading that first. Click here to read it:

Image result for expiration date expired cover mikaela bender"Expired Generation" is the second book of the series "Expiration Date." This sequel focuses on the time where Iris is infiltrated into the society and the many events that takes place including the ball, and the gathering of the world leaders. Iris also chooses who she would like to be with in this book.

In this series, there are two types of people: the people who accept the society called zetas, and rebels to the society. While the rebels try to take over the society, the zetas stay loyal. Iris is stuck deciding what side she should take.

Which guy will she end up choosing? Jonas the one with power or Erik the one with love? What is underneath the society?  The book "Expired Generation" can be found on WattPad, as can the second book of the series "Expiration Date" both written by Mikaela Bender.

Written by: Michael M.